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Posted by Kathy Torrence on Mar 5, 2013 in My Adventures in Dieting

I was standing in line for the microwave at lunch today, and an (almost) complete stranger came up to me, took my Lean Cuisine box out of my hand and proceeded to tell me how bad is was for me.  He pointed out the ratio of carbs, sugar and protein and when I looked at him with a stunned look on my face, he said, “I assume you ARE concerned about your diet, no?”.  How crushing is that???

I should add here that he was eating a one-dollar Banquet brand frozen salisbury steak dinner.  Healthier than my butternut squash with green beans, carrots and walnuts?  I think not.

I supposed I should be more concerned about my diet.  I have put on about 40 pounds in the last year-and-a-half.   Ugh – yes, that’s right.  Hate to admit that.

Why has this happened?

There are several reasons…

I had established a great diet and exercise routine for a few years, but when my brother started going through chemotherapy and I had to drive him back and forth to his treatments, that routine fell by the wayside.  I just didn’t have time for my job, my kids, commuting to Fox Chase Cancer Center AND exercising.

Plus, the more I saw my brother suffer, the more I thought, “What’s the point?”.   He ate well, exercised regularly (he was at the gym every day and was in the best shape of his life) and STILL got stage 4 cancer.  So…even if you do everything right, you aren’t guaranteed to live a long, healthy life.

Life is so very, very short – why not eat potato chips or a piece of cake if I want to?

Of course, logically, I know that if Ken hadn’t been in such great physical shape, he might not have survived the extremely aggressive radiation and chemo.

I know, I know…now I need to apply those logical facts to a new diet and exercise plan.  Before I have groups of onlookers counting my calories for me in the break room.  Sheesh!

(By the way, I did respond to this man’s rude unsolicited dietary analysis today by saying, “My brother ate healthy all of his life and STILL got stage 4 lung cancer.”  I shouldn’t have said it – I know.  But it’s how I feel and I just couldn’t help myself.  Now THAT’S a conversation stopper.)

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