A few more felted bags…

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Dec 21, 2008 in Crafts, Other items |

After paying another visit to the Goodwill (this time in Atlantic City after our company holiday party), I made a few more felted sweater bags:


I added some pretty tags to let the recipients know that these are recycled sweaters:


After doing some research online, I saw a bunch of other recycled sweater projects that I’d like to try.  Everything from blankets, mittens, wreaths, Christmas trees – even the most adorable Easter basket!  There are also some amazing purses ideas out there – there’s really no end to the types of things you can create.  I have a new item to search for at yard sales…or if you have any wool sweaters you’d like to donate, just let me know. :)

By the way, when Andrew came home and saw a large Goodwill bag in the dining room, he turned and asked me, “Are we poor?”.  I told him that there’s nothing wrong with shopping at the Goodwill – not only did I find these sweaters, but I also picked up an adorable Talbot’s cardigan for Emily (for wearing, not crafting) and one of those Pedi-Paws that they show on the infomercials for trimming your dog’s nails (it was brand new and still in the box!). 

Both Goodwill stores were actually full of people shopping for bargains – while I was there, I saw some of the same toys that Santa is bringing for Emily for a steal (still brand new and in the box) and a whole table of brand new girls’ tap shoes.  There were tons of college kids looking for some unique clothing and some other crafters checking out the vintage jewelry for projects.  Yardsales and Goodwill – not much of a difference, really.  Just be sure to wash your items in hot water, and they’re good as new!


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