The Hair I’ve Always Wanted (At Least for a Day or Two)

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Sep 19, 2008 in Family Stuff, Today's Photo |

It’s been CRAZY around here with back to school madness the past few weeks.  Having three children and only two parents is definitely an equation of inequality (as you can see, I’m brushing up on my freshman algebra skills). 

Last night was Back To School night both at Andrew’s high school and Matt and Emily’s elementary school.  Mike and I had to divide and conquer – the same tactic we’re using for all of their activities lately. 

After the laziness of the summer, I’d forgotten (maybe on purpose from the scars it left) how insane it can be to work all day, come home in the evening, jam in a super-quick dinner (cook, eat and clean up in 15 minutes or less – now THAT’S something they should demonstrate on the Food Network!) and head back out for more – until we finally collapse into bed to grab a few hours sleep before we start all over again.

But back to the title of my post…I managed to squeeze in a haircut this week and asked if my stylist could PLEASE straighten my hair after my cut.  Here was the result (and the hair I’d like to have):



Just for reference, here is my hair in its normal state:

Linda, Kathy and Kim-2

Quite a difference, huh?  My own daughter didn’t recognize me when I went to pick her up from school.

Unfortunately, the straight hair only lasts until I wash it. :(

I suppose I could go to the salon once a week and have it straightened regularly…not sure if that’s in the budget, though…

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Sep 29, 2008 at 3:59 pm

Loved the pix of your dueling hairdos! I’m a curly-top, too, but growing up the ’60s and ’70s, I was REQUIRED to mastering the straightening process! These days, my hair is seldom out of a scrunchy – I like them better than blowdryers!



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