It Looks Good…

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Jan 14, 2008 in Today's Photo

This morning, I picked up the report from last week’s MRI.  Yes, that’s right – I’m such a control freak that I actually like to see my medical reports for myself.


Of course, after I picked up the report, I ran right home and searched for all the terms on Google so that I could diagnose myself.

And I’m pretty sure that it’s all good news. 

So far, I’ve had two CT scans and an MRI to try to determine exactly what’s going on with my kidneys. 

And I think the results are all good – there is one main lesion that is "a subcentimeter complex hemorrhagic versus proteinaceous cyst in the upper pole of the left kidney…T1 hyperintense…"….blah, blah, blah…

Basically, from what I read this afternoon, it’s relatively small and has the characteristics of a benign lesion.  They’ll probably just want to follow up with future scans to make sure it hasn’t changed.

Or at least that’s MY diagnosis.  Now let’s see what the doctor says at my appointment on Friday.

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