Return from Cape May

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Jan 29, 2007 in Crafts


I’m finally back from my weekend of stampin’, craftin’ and croppin’ at the Crop Classix event in Cape May, NJ – I had a blast!

Seven of us all went together and we had such a great time….well – in the scrapping room anyway. We stayed at the Grand Hotel right on the beach and I’m afraid to say – the facilities and staff were terrible!

We got stuck in the elevator TWICE! Here’s a photo of Angie using the elevator phone to call for help (this was the second time we got stuck):

And as you can see by the look on Jennifer’s face, we were not very happy to be stuck again:

But eventually, help did come and we managed to escape. Good thing we aren’t claustrophobic!

Anyway…we also were treated very rudely by the wait staff – especially by the food and beverage manager – she actually cursed at us under her breath when we had the nerve to ask what kind of cereal they had – imagine the nerve of us!

We had a very nice time in spite of all that. We also got some GREAT ideas (and very little sleep) – I can’t wait to try them! I’ll be sure to post photos when I do.

Here I am with Denise holding one of the great ideas we saw – a scrapbook made from a record album!

Here is Chris holding up her adorable tag book:

And Angie still stressed from the whole elevator experience:

She looks a little crazed in that photo, don’t you think? But I am happy to report that she did not actually cut her own hair…and we didn’t let her have any scissors for the rest of the weekend.

Here’s my buddy Fran:

Fran was a little upset with me whenever I shouted the lyrics of the current playing song across the table at her. Hey, come on Fran – I only did it once or twice…or a thousand times – it was a LONG weekend!

And let’s not forget my friend, Marie who was covered in glitter from head to toe all weekend:

And poor Jennifer sat next to her and was covered in glitter by no fault of her own:

Can you see the sparkles in her eye?

Here they are looking like they get along:

And here’s a nice photo of Angie and Fran – now known as “Frangie” – trust me – you can’t leave these two alone! They look innocent enough…but if they wander off alone together – especially late at night with very little sleep – there will be trouble for sure!

I do have to say that they were quite helpful the night I did my make-and-take – thank you ladies for staying late with me! And for getting up and walking out of the restaurant with me after we got such bad service at breakfast. And again for supporting me while I told that woman exactly what I thought of her! :)

Then there was Denise who elected to sit next to me – I hope she didn’t mind all my stuff TOO much…

Plus, she was VERY helpful during the scrapbooking class I taught. She ran around and helped everyone with their projects and really helped to sell the products!

So I have to go now and unpack all my stuff. As soon as I can, I’ll post some of the fantastic ideas I got while we were there…

Goodbye, Cape May!

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