Camping at Frontier Town

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Aug 21, 2007 in Family Stuff, Our Goldendoodle Puppies |

We spent a few days last week camping in Ocean City, Maryland at our favorite campground, Frontier Town. We just love it there – it’s right on the bay, has its own western theme park, golf course, restaurant, ice cream parlor and even a waterpark that’s free for campers! Do you think Emily is enjoying herself at the waterpark?




Since the campground is right on the bay, there is a nice breeze that keeps it cool and keeps the bugs away. Of course, sometimes the breeze is a little too strong as you can tell by Daisy’s fur…



I can’t help but laugh out loud every time I see those photos!

The kids also did a little bit of fishing at the campground…



And we took some time to just enjoy the scenery too…



Daisy also did a little exploring in the water.



It looks SO funny when just the bottoms of her paws get wet! It looks almost like Chinese footbinding…



We also took a ride to the beach at Assateague Island, just five minutes away from the campground. It’s home to the famous wild ponies that roam the island.

Here’s one we saw on the way in to the park:


We were in the car and Daisy was barking like crazy at that pony!

And when we left the beach, there was another pony by our truck in the parking lot:




How would you explain THAT to your car insurance company?

We had a wonderful time on the beach – we stayed for almost five hours! It was so nice – the entire beach was practically empty and we let Daisy run in the surf off of her leash. Well…once she got used to the water, that is. She wasn’t so sure at first…




Eventually, she got used to it and had a great time! We also met a nice couple who had a golden retriever puppy about the same age as Daisy. The dogs played together for a LONG time – until they were both exhausted!

It was another great trip – in fact, before we left the campground, we made reservations again for next year!


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