Bad Dogs!!!!

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Dec 4, 2007 in Our Goldendoodle Puppies |

Yesterday, my sweet, adorable puppies were SO BAD!!!

As I was taking Emily to school, they ran away from me as I was trying to put them into the car.  They just took off down the street, tails wagging, wrestling and playing with each other as they went – meanwhile, I’m running after them screaming and Emily is crying hysterically in the car while they disappeared from sight.

I dropped Emily off at school (still crying – “I want my teddy bears!!!!”) and frantically drove around town asking everyone I saw if they had seen two recently-groomed, large fluffy bear-like creatures frolicking in the street.

Fortunately, my friend Jennifer found them and was able to lure them into her van.  I am SO grateful and it means so much to me – not only because she found  the dogs for me, but also…

  1. She recently broke her heel so she is currently has a cast and is on crutches
  2. Geddy tends to get car-sick and Jennifer has a real aversion to all things vomit-related (her own gag reflex kicks in whenever she sees or even hears about it) and…
  3. She’s generally not a ‘dog person’.

So, Jennifer – let me thank you again for finding and rounding up my very naughty dogs.

Oh – and when we got home, one of the dogs (I have a feeling it was Geddy) ATE one of my microscope slide ornaments I made for next week’s ornament exchange!  I have a feeling eating glass is generally not good for a dog…sigh…

By the way – we went to the pet store last night and bought them a super-large metal crate to keep them – and my craft projects – safe and sound.

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Vicki - Houston
Dec 5, 2007 at 10:53 pm

I am so glad Jennifer found you babies! I was adopted by a black terrier mix 3 yrs. ago and she got out, got scared or ran away, not sure which, during a really bad thunderstorm we had here in Houston last March and we never found her. I did flyers, drove the neighborhoods and still look for her when I’m out and about.




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