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Posted by Kathy Torrence on Dec 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

I noticed that the last time I posted to my blog was back in MARCH!!!  Wow.

A few things have changed since then.  It’s amazing how different life can be in 9 months.  And no, I didn’t have a baby!

Ever since I went back to work, we’ve wanted to move closer to our jobs near Atlantic City.  We both had an hour commute each way and it was really overwhelming (even though we rode to work together most days).  Two hours in the car everyday really is difficult.  First, it’s exhausting.  It was also really cutting into our family time.  So for our quality of life, we decided to move closer to work.

We have worked hard to stick to a budget the last few years, got out of debt and put ourselves in a great financial position.  This allowed us to upsize into a much larger home.  This was also a great time to move because Emily is just starting middle school (6th grade) and Matt is just starting high school (9th grade) – both would be changing schools regardless.  And Andrew is now attending community college, so his school is no longer an issue.

And…as a bonus – we work near the “shore” (New Jersey-speak for the beach).  So we were fortunate enough to move close to the beach!

We had a few criteria. We wanted to live close to the beach (0bviously).  We wanted the kids to be in an excellent public school system.  We wanted low property taxes (relatively low anyway – NJ is awful with taxes).  And we wanted to be within 30 minutes of work.

We also loved the charm of our older home in Pitman (built over 100 years ago), but wanted something newer and updated.  We had 5 people sharing one bathroom for 15 years – it was time to expand.

After a few offers that didn’t work out, we were lucky enough to find the perfect home for us – just a 5 minute drive from the beach in Ocean City and a 20 minute drive to our jobs.

Marmora House

We moved into the new house in July and love it!

Since I’ve always dreamed of living near the ocean, I decided to decorate with a coastal theme.  I’ll share some photos of the inside of the house in future posts.  But for now, let me just wish anyone reading this a merry Christmas – I’m looking forward to catching up in future posts (honest!).

Home with lights

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