First Day of School

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Sep 7, 2007 in Family Stuff

This week was the first day of school for both the kids AND me.

First day of school

You can see in the photo that Emily is in motion trying to protect herself from her big brother who is in the process of tickling her…sigh…but doesn’t she look cute in her little outfit?  Although, looking at this photo again, they are quite the colorless-khaki-kids on the first day of school, aren’t they?

Emily is just starting kindergarten, Andrew is going into eighth grade and Matt is going into third grade.

Emily was more than willing to start her first day of school. I kissed her goodbye, then she pushed herself to the front of the kindergarten line to be the first one inside and as she went in, she wiped off my kiss. So much for my little baby! She knows several of the kids in her class already and is very familiar with the school after ‘helping’ me with so many school events, so she feels totally comfortable, obviously!

Matt was excited to see his friends again and says he’s looking forward to third grade. Grade 3 is always a tough year for kids – a transition from being a little kid to being a big kid with more responsibilities and independence. Poor thing wasn’t feeling good this morning – he has a cold and has been having some issues with his asthma as a result. But he made it through the day with no major problems and seems to be feeling a bit better this morning.

Andrew actually started school yesterday, but I made him take this picture today anyway (very much against his will, as you can tell by him aggravating his little sister). This is his last year in elementary school before heading off to high school next year. Yikes! Can I really be the parent of a kid in HIGH SCHOOL?!?! Not ready for that…

I mentioned that it was also my first week of school – I began teaching my Computers and Society class on Tuesday. Now, I need to be careful what I say about my lovely class since I’m sure some of them have already Googled me and have found my blog… 😉

Unfortunately, the secretary did not order the books for the class until very late in August, so only one of the students actually has the book. I’m trying to wing it until the books come in…

I have eighteen students in the class, the majority of whom are Computer Science majors. And they are all young men – there is not ONE girl in the class! What has happened to all the women in Computer Science? When I graduated, our class had mostly men, it’s true, but there were at least SOME women…maybe about 10-20% or so.

The students tell me that as far as they know, there is only one female currently majoring in Computer Science at Rowan…that’s a real shame. Working in software is a great career – the work is interesting, pays well, jobs are readily available and…do the girls not realize that’s where all the MEN are?!?! That’s where I met MY wonderful husband… 😉

Next week my schedule starts to become REALLY crazy as all our activities begin. I have a church meeting on Monday night, my book club meets at my house on Tuesday night (Tuesday night Bible study classes also begin this week, but I’m going to have to miss the first week), Emily starts her hip-hop dance class and ‘Back to School Night’ is at the elementary school on Wednesday, Daisy starts her advanced puppy class on Thursday (fortunately, choir practice on Thursdays doesn’t start until the following week) and my stamp club meeting is at my house on Friday night. Then Saturday is the Stampin’ Up! Regional Seminar at the Philadelphia Convention Center where I’m working as a make-and-take helper…not to mention teaching my class on Tuesday and Thursday, preparing for my Scrapbooking Ministry, Sarah’s Circle, an upcoming scrapbooking workshop and dealing with training our new puppy, Geddy…no wonder my house is a wreck – no time to clean!!!

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