Quick Thank You Card

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Aug 20, 2007 in Cards

Just a photo of a quick Thank You card I made for my friend Linda after her visit. 

I made this using elements from Paula’s Kit Club – my FAVORITE online club for papercrafting!  Everything she puts together is so unique – and all the kit pieces coordinate so well.  In fact, all the kits are SO beautiful, I find myself hesitant to every actually use any of the pieces.  But for Linda, I broke one kit open and parted with some of the pieces.

These pieces are from Paula’s “For the Birds” theme kit from March, 2007:


Bird card


Summer Visitors

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Aug 20, 2007 in Family Stuff

We were lucky enough to have some wonderful visitors last week – my dear friend Linda and her children Zachary and Kylee came from Melbourne, Florida to stay with us for a few days.  We had so much fun while they were here!

We went to Lake Kandle and enjoyed two sunny days there.  Her children had never swam in a lake before and the one at Lake Kandle is wonderful!

One day, a bunch of kids worked together to create a small canal that ran the entire length of the sandy beach by the lake:

The canal

What fun – it gave us a chance to relax and the kids were occupied all afternoon!

The kids also managed to get in some fishing time:

Fishing at Lake Kandle

Emily and Zach fishing 

Speaking of the kids, ours all got along so well!  Here’s a cute shot of all the children on my front porch:

All the kids and Daisy on the porch

You can see who’s worming their way into that photo – Daisy Doodle!  Linda has been considering a new puppy for her family and after she met Daisy, she wants a doodle too!  In fact, I think if she could have, she would have slipped Daisy into her suitcase and taken Daisy back to Florida with her – but I made sure to check Linda’s luggage before she left. :)

Our friend Kim also stopped by during the week.  We managed to get a nice photo of the three of us:

Linda, Kathy and Kim

That’s Linda on the left, me in the middle and Kim on the right.  We’ve known each other for SO long – it’s great to have friends that are with you through all the different seasons of your life.

Speaking of which, it was Kim’s birthday and we visited her at her home “down the shore” while Linda was in town.  We also visited a beach near the Atlantic City casinos and had some fun in the surf and sand – the kids took advantage of the sunny weather to get in some serious tanning on the beach:

Sunning in Brigantine

And here we are enjoying the sun ourselves:

The girls on the beach

Yes, that’s right ladies – I posted a shot of us in our swimsuits on my blog!!!!  And Linda, I love how you managed to crop your own legs out of the photo before you sent it to me… :) 

I hope they’re STILL my friends after I posted that photo – but hey – I’m in it too!

Anyway…during her visit, we also managed to tour our little town of Pitman.  Linda was amazed that how no matter where we went in town, we ran into someone I knew.  Such is life in a small town!

By Pitman Grove Sign

Downtown Pitman

At the library

Water Ice

We were so sad to see Linda and her children go home.  We had such a nice time – I hope they’ll come to visit us every year!

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