Existing in Cyberspace

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Mar 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m sitting here in front of the computer playing around – did you ever ‘Google’ your own name? It’s amazing how many hits come back. Here’s one about me that I had forgotten about – I can’t believe it’s still floating around out there in cyberspace!

I won a makeover with Ladies’ Home Journal 4 years ago – the story is STILL on their website! Don’t you just love my ‘Before’ picture? I look like I’m in a police lineup!


Peaceful Scrapbook Pages

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Mar 10, 2007 in Scrapbooks

Tomorrow I am scheduled to give a presentation to the United Methodist District Conference (66 churches!) about our Scrapbooking Ministry that I coordinate – and since none of my fellow scrapbookers volunteered to help me – I’m on my own for this one!

I’m prepared, but it took a while to get all the handouts and my notes together.

I decided to go ahead and put my pages together for March’s theme of ‘peace’ so that I could use them at the presentation (even though the crop isn’t until next week – I never work this far ahead! ). For the class I’m teaching, I want people to bring photos of a time they felt peaceful or photos that make them feel peaceful when they look at them. Then we’re going to use sketches to make our own individual pages using our photos.

Here’s one of the pages I did today – it’s a small 6X6 page:

That’s me at the beach – a self- portrait, I might add. To take this photo, I held the camera away at arm’s length so that I could get a shot of myself with the beach in the background. I was on the boardwalk by myself at the time (my kids were riding the rides with Mike) and I must say, I got some VERY strange looks as I did this!

Anyway, I included a powerful vellum quote and hinged the photo so that the journaling is underneath:

The photo stays closed with a photo-turn on the page.

I like how this turned out – I used some of the paper and ribbon that I bought on clearance at Target today (have to justify my purchases SOMEHOW!).

I also made a 2 page 12X12 spread based on a sketch I’m going to use at the class:

I used a scrapbook kit from a Christian-based scrapbooking company (Reminders of Faith) – I’m not crazy about the colors, but I liked the sentiments that came with it – the pack was a ‘peace’ theme – how appropriate is that?

These are photos of Matt and Emily while we were camping at Hershey. I remember it was such a beautiful day and they were getting along so well – the sun was on my face, the grass was really green, there was a babbling brook nearby – it was one of those really peaceful moments when life just seemed really good.

Of course, it’s not like that all the time – right now, Matt and Emily are fighting with each other, Mike’s upstairs sleeping because he’s sick, I’m stressed out about this presentation tomorrow…I wish I were back by the babbling brook!

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