Still No Stove…

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Mar 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

Our new stove was scheduled to be delivered today, so I called the delivery guy this morning and this was pretty much our conversation:

Me: Hi, this is Kathy Torrence – my husband Mike ordered a stove that you are supposed to deliver today. Can you tell me what time to expect you?
Where do you live?
Me: Pitman, New Jersey
Him: Pitman? What county is that in?
Me: Gloucester.
Him: Where?
Me: Gloucester.
Him: Where?
Him: Where is that?
Me: Southern New Jersey.
Him: Southern New York?
Him: Oh. What is that near?
Me: Rowan University – have you heard of that?
Him: Um…yeah, I think so. Wait – is this Mrs. Torrence? So is it Pitman, New Jersey or Pitman, New York then?
Me: NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!
Him: I’ll have to call you back…


Two hours later, I call him back and he says he took a look at the stove and it’s damaged – and there are no more in stock – so I’ll have to wait for another one.

By the time I get my new stove, I will have forgotten how to cook.  At least all of my pots and pans are staying clean…

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