What a Week!

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Feb 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

This has been such an eventful week…I’m looking forward to a (hopefully) quiet week next week!

My husband Mike was in a car accident on Thursday on his way home from work.  He wasn’t hurt…but I can’t say the same for the car – it had to be towed away from the scene.  And his accident was 40 minutes from here in the middle of nowhere, so picking him up and getting the car back has been a real hassle.  But I’m just glad he’s okay.

And last week, my good friend Fran’s son was hurt while away on a church retreat.  He fractured his skull and suffered a concussion, and at the time, the doctors though he might need surgery.  He’s home now, but we were all so worried for him.

And…Mike and I finally pulled out our stove to see why it wasn’t working…turns out some mice had made it their home underneath and had ruined the wiring.  So  we’ll be shopping for a new stove today – at last!

With all the bad weather last week, many events were canceled including my new Bible study, my daughter’s dance class, choir, preschool and even Mike’s bowling!  So Emily’s Valentine party won’t be held until next week (so our family had to eat all the cupcakes – darn!) and I still have party stuff everywhere!

On a positive note, I held my son Matt’s second grade Valentine party on Thursday and they LOVED the crafts (see my previous post) – especially the little ‘gum guys’ – that was a real hit with the kids!  But of course, I had to think on my crafty-feet – I walked in and the kids had already made their Valentine bags with the teacher, so I had to scrap that idea and go with plan B.

Yesterday was a fun day as well – my friends and I took our kids to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden – we had a ball!  Did I mention there were over 30 of us?!?!   Here’s a photo of all the kids:

Actually, now that I look at that photo, there were even a few kids missing from that picture!  It was quite a challenge to keep track of everyone, but we managed not to lose any kids, so it was a successful trip!

After the aquarium, we took the new RiverLine train that departs from Camden and goes all the way to Trenton.  The kids just wanted to ride a train – we didn’t plan on getting off anywhere. 

There were SO many of us on the train, we were a bit…let’s say ‘intimidating’.  There were a few unsavory characters that got on the train along the way (including one man who smelled like a liquor store and was riding a bike with a garbage bag as a seat) and the funny thing was – THEY were afraid of US!  I’ve never felt so safe on a train ride – there really is safety in numbers (especially when you’re talking about more than 20 kids in a small space!).

Today is our Scrapbooking Ministry Crop at my church.  I think I’m going to work on a little scrapbook for my daughter’s preschool teachers.  They held a fundraiser last weekend that was LOTS of fun and I took a bunch of photos.  I’ll post some pictures after I finish putting it together today…

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