I’ve Been Tagged!

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Feb 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

So apparently, I’ve now been ‘tagged’ as a new member of the blog community by my friend Denise – thanks Denise – and I’m supposed to list 6 idiosyncrasies (if it’s spelled wrong it’s her fault ’cause I copied it right from HER blog) about myself.  The real question is, can I stop at just 6?

So let’s see…

  1. My blankets and sheets have to be neat and crisp when I go to bed at night – and if they get messed up while I’m sleeping, it will actually wake me up.  Then I can’t go back to sleep until they are perfectly folded again (and the top sheet has to be folded up the highest so that it’s the one that touches my face).
  2. I work in large spurts of energy – and while I’m doing so, I ignore absolutely everything else in my life.  For example, I painted my entire downstairs (4 rooms) in 2 weeks and worked non-stop (I only took a few hours to sleep each day) – the kids had to make their own dinners, I didn’t check my email, watch TV or go out of the house until I was completely done and cleaned up (that’s another one – I won’t start a project until I know I can finish it – I can’t stand to do things a little at a time – I just don’t work that way).  Then once I finished painting, I didn’t pick up a paint brush again for a very long time.  I used to work like that in my software career – I’d get an assignment and work it non-stop for however long it took (people would come into my office and I wouldn’t even stop to chat) – then I’d goof off on the internet for the next few weeks.  Crash and burn…that’s just how I work, paint, clean, cook…and make art.
  3. I can’t eat anything that is the texture of oatmeal – not tapioca pudding, grits, rice pudding…anything that reminds me of the texture of ‘vomit’.  There are other foods I just can’t force myself to like either – black licorice, cantaloupe, honeydew melon…I’ve tried to make myself eat them but I just can’t get past that taste…
  4. In the winter, I am SUCH a homebody!  When I get home and put on some comfy sweatpants, it is SO hard for me to leave the house again!  I hate the cold weather and going out in it just chills me to the bone.  Winter is about the only time I’ll turn down an invitation to go somewhere…just can’t leave my cozy home!
  5. I get VERY nervous when I watch my kids play sports.  Don’t know why – it just makes me nuts to see them under pressure.  When my son pitches at baseball games, I actually have to leave.  I’m the same way about taking my kids to the doctor’s office – I always make my husband take them.  Something about looking like a bad mother for having a sick kid, I guess…I don’t know.  Every time my son has had to go to the ER for his asthma, my husband has taken him.  The only time I will take them is when Mike’s on a business trip.
  6. I am a really bad procrastinator when it comes to things I don’t want to do like making phone calls, going grocery shopping, getting gas in the car…I’ll let it go until it absolutely can’t go any further.  I jump right on things I want to do (and again, work until I crash and burn), but when it comes to all those little things we have to do…I’ll put it off forever if I can.

Okay…now let’s see who I can tag…how about my husband?

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