Hello from Houston!

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Jan 13, 2007 in Uncategorized

I’m posting this morning from the Stampin’ Up! Leadership conference in Houston, TX!

It’s been so much fun – but VERY busy!  There really hasn’t been any downtime – it’s just one class right after another.

I did have a GREAT dinner last night with the ladies from SplitcoastStampers – it was so much fun to meet everyone!  There were 40 of us who attended a ‘Lowly Supervisor’ dinner while the other more successful ladies went to the ‘Manager’s Roundup’ – but I’m sure we had just as much fun and didn’t have to dress up in cowboy outfits like they did (I’m not kidding – they even had a mechanical bull for them to ride).

My  SCS name is ‘curlycurlyhair’, but down here in Texas, it’s more like ‘frizzyfrizzyhair’.  It was almost 80 degrees here yesterday and very humid – not my best hair-days, that’s for sure!  But since the hotel is connected right to the convention center, I  didn’t have to go outside, so that helped.

During the opening session, I forced my way up to the front row and sat right behind Shelli Gardner (the co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!)!  I was tempted to reach up and play with her hair (she has beautiful straight hair that wasn’t at all frizzy), but I thought that might be inappropriate.  I also spoke to her at lunch – we had a wonderful sit-down lunch complete with a great piece of chocolate cake and fantastic bread basket – our table called her over and thanked her for lunch.  We also asked if she wanted to join us, but apparently she had her OWN table.  Imagine that!

I also sat behind the new VP of finance, Scott Neilson, who used to be a pitcher for the NY Yankees in the 1980’s.  During the break, I asked him for his autograph for Mike and also had my picture taken with him.  I didn’t get a picture with Shelli yet – I’ll see what I can do (don’t want to be accused of being a stalker, though).

Everyone here has been so friendly!  Even though I’m here alone, I never feel alone.  Of course, you know me – I’ll talk to just about anyone who gives me the time of day.  In fact, on the bus on the way to the airport from the parking lot, I met a man who makes sailboats and sails them in regattas all over the world.  Hmmm..maybe I’m a bit TOO chatty – but you just never know who you may meet.

The swaps have been fantastic – and mine were more than adequate.  Before I came, I was feeling a little intimidated, but as it turns out I had no reason to feel that way.  Everyone loved them!  They posted all the swaps up on a board for everyone to see and I actually saw several people taking photos of MY pop-up card – made me feel good!

I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here – I definitely want to go to Convention this year in Denver.  I’d highly recommend going (if you’re not already a demo, you may want to consider buying the $99 starter kit just to go to Convention!).  I hope I can get all the members of my downline to go with me.

I fly out at 6:40 tonight – I hope that the flight home is better than the flight down here.  Right before we landed, we hit an air-pocket and fell down quite a bit – when we landed, the flight attendant actually asked for a ‘moment of silence’.  Not a good sign.

Well, they’re asking us to wrap it up now – I’ll post more and some photos tomorrow when I get home…

Can’t wait to see what I learn today!

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