June Blooms

Posted by Kathy Torrence on Jun 11, 2007 in Gardening

Just a few quick photos of the blooms in my yard this week…

My white climbing roses are blooming – they are just a little past their prime (wish I would have taken this photo a few days ago).

My spirea is also starting to bloom:

I also have some rose campion in bloom:

And several window boxes with some wave petunia annuals:

The clematis on the fence has finally bloomed and is gorgeous:

I’ve also really tried in recent years to get some ivy established to cover the ugly, cinderblock foundation under my porch.  This spring, it’s really doing well:

I also have a few daylilies in bloom – nothing exciting – just the common yellow Stella de Oro:

But I have some other daylilies just starting to bud that are a wonderful, rich, purple color when they bloom.  I also have a bunch of bright, orange tiger lilies about to bloom too.  And my rose-of-sharon and butterfly bushes are budding too….

 Don’t you just love spring in the garden?  So full of anticipation for the beautiful show of colors about to explode… 


What’s Blooming in My Garden

Posted by Kathy Torrence on May 24, 2007 in Gardening

Here are a couple of things blooming in my garden this week…

I have these beautiful clematis flowers that are intertwined amongst my climbing roses:

The roses will be blooming soon along with this other wonderful clematis vine:

The flowers on those vines will be a bright, beautiful purple – I can’t wait to see them all in bloom! I’ve been trying for YEARS to get that vine to take off and of course, the first time it bloomed, the flower was on my neighbor’s side of the fence! But this year should be a show-stopper on both sides.

I also have some red flame honeysuckle vines starting to bloom:

My husband wants me to take this one down because it’s become entwined with our gutters. If he had built me a trellis or pergola, we wouldn’t be having this issue. :)

I also have a nice, late blooming lilac:

The window about it is my craft room – can I tell you how HEAVENLY is smells in there with this beautiful bush right outside?

I also have a small herb garden going:

And some MONSTEROUSLY large hostas:

I may have to split these next year.

I also have a few rhododendrons blooming – one for the first time:

And some of the seeds Emily and I planted are starting to grow – the green beans, morning glory and squash seeds have started to poke their heads up…

I love spring!


My Irises Are Finally Blooming

Posted by Kathy Torrence on May 21, 2007 in Gardening

Just a pretty picture from my garden…

We have a large shed in our backyard and I have beautiful yellow irises planted around the base.

These are another ‘found’ plant – there used to be an overgrown, empty lot next door to us and these were growing in it. I rescued them out about nine years ago and planted them in our yard. They bloomed nicely for a few years but then needed to be divided to bloom again. I split them up the year before last, but they didn’t bloom nicely again until this year.

Gardening certainly teaches me patience – good things come to those who wait (for a few years!).


Gardening Day!

Posted by Kathy Torrence on May 14, 2007 in Gardening

It was a GORGEOUS spring day here in NJ today – and I just happened to have a big ole pile of mulch scheduled to be delivered today. So it was a gardening day for me!

Emily and I planted some flowers from the school plant sale and planted some seeds in our little vegetable garden. Then I mulched the playground area and as many flower beds as I could before I could do no more (my back is really feeling it right now!).

When we bought our house, there was only one tree in the entire yard – there were no bushes, no flowers…nothing. We’ve lived here for 9 years now and every year, we’ve added some new plants. Lots of them we bought, but many of them were given to us by other people who just didn’t want them anymore.

These azaleas were from my mother – she took them out of her garden a few years ago and was going to throw them away.

We also have more azaleas that are past their prime blooming time right now, but just look at the beautiful lily-of-the-valleys under them! The fragrance drifts right up into our bedroom at night…

I also rescued these white lilacs from a neighbor’s trash pile a few years ago as well as the rose-of-sharons next to them:

My rhododendrons and clematis are just getting ready to bloom. I also still have bleeding hearts in bloom below the large rhodo. I just made the second little shade garden last year…it’s just starting to fill in and this will be the first years those little rhodos bloom.

That’s one thing I learn from gardening – patience. Something I have very little of.

Speaking of patience…did I mention that I had a little helper in the garden today?

If only I could get her to dig with a shovel…

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